A 6-episode InfoEd TV series
June - August 2016

The Moving Visuals Co. Pte Ltd


Bongster as Creative Artist and Renaissance Karang Guni Man

The Challenging Change

An unplanned but certainly welcome change, the opportunity for Mission Restorable literally came knocking at my door (I was working on the main metal door of My Awesome Cafe at the time).

Khim and Galen spotted my flair for thrifted and upcycled furniture and had the brilliant idea of scouting me for their new show Mission Restorable. How serendipitous that it's about celebrating the beauty of found objects by giving them new meaning and purpose - the same design principle we use for My Awesome Cafe.

Designing and salvaging were certainly right up my alley, but hosting a TV show? With the encouragement (read: non-stop torture) of my director Vishali and producer Hui Xuan, it was a challenge that eventually became fun in the long run. After all, it was a project that brought together many of the things I love, antiques, history, design, and reinvention.

Igniting Change, be it in people, objects or brands, is always a challenge. But if you're up for it, the rewards are always far greater than expected.