Behind every successful project is a client who dares. Every piece of work is a collaboration
between me, my team, and the client. The absence of one simply would not suffice. 

I can talk about myself extensively, but, truly, nothing is more valuable than the words of partners
who believe and understand the immense value of Change.


Bong is one of the most passionate and qualified people I have ever worked with. He has charisma, intelligence and is very creative. He is one of the rare people who can easily think in both hemispheres. He will challenge you, he will inspire you, he will teach you. He inspired me and mentored the team that worked with him at MG. The ideas he brought to the table, like the digital work for BIG Hotel, taught me a lesson in digital I will never forget. If you need somebody to infuse your team or lead your brand, Bong has the shoulders and passion big enough to do it. I recommend Bong to anybody looking to make a difference.

Robert Gaxiola, Founding Partner, ManghamGaxiola McgarryBowen

Bong is an effervescent invaluable team player with a 'never say never' attitude. He keeps everyone else spirits up and definitely on their toes!

Agnes Tann, Regional Marketing Director, Levi's Asia Pacific


Coach Bong is a gifted and multi-faceted individual with an awesome ability to take on a client's vision and bring it to life in unexpected and wonderful ways. He is able to inspire through his creative force and deep understanding of human psychology. He is a great partner and highly recommended.

Aruna Raghavan, APAC Regional Head - Customer Experience, Citibank